TopicNew to Fishing for Trout? Fishing Tips Every Beginning Trout Fisherman Needs to Know

  • Sat 7th Mar 2020 - 9:03am

    If you are new to trout fishing, this article is for you. In it I will outline some basics that every beginning trout fisherman needs to know. Just like any endeavor in life, getting off on the right foot is of the utmost importance, and trout fishing is no different. If I had known and applied these simple tips when I started fishing for trout more than twenty years ago, it would have saved me a ton of valuable fishing time spent in trial and error.


    These trout fishing tips have been learned through real world trout fishing experience and will certainly help anyone be a much more successful trout fisherman. The bottom line is that if you are new to the world of "fishing for trout" this article and the "basics" contained in it will save you a ton of valuable fishing time that would otherwise be spent learning these tips the hard way on the water while you are trying to catch fish top baitcasting reels.


    The ideas listed below are in no particular order, and are all of equal importance in the long run.


    1. Using The Proper Fishing Line Is A Must - For the most part trout fishing is done in cold, clear water which means that your line is visible to the trout that you are attempting to catch. This means that you always want to use line that's as light as possible when you are attempting to catch trout. I personally use four pound test monofilament made by Stern. The manufacturer of the line isn't as important as the pound test of the line itself. For most trout scenarios any line heavier than six pound test is a mistake.
    2. Small Fishing Hooks Are A Must When Bait Fishing - When fishing for trout you should always use small fishing hooks. I like to use size #10 fishing hooks when fishing for trout, which are quite small if you don't know. By using small fishing hooks the focus of your offering is the bait and not the hooks, which is what the goal is anytime that you are fishing for trout. You don't want your hooks to be detected by the trout if at all possible, which means using size #8 hooks or smaller.
    3. A Bait Bag Is A Huge Time Saver - Anyone who is new to trout fishing will quickly learn that in flowing rivers and streams is probably the best place to catch trout. This means that you will be standing in or alongside of a river attempting to catch trout. When you are attempting to fish in rivers, live worms are an excellent trout bait, and having an effective way to hold your live worms while you are on the water is of the utmost importance. This is where a bait bag comes into play and is probably one of the best trout fishing tips you will ever get when it comes to trying fish for trout in rivers. This unique piece of tackle saves a ton of time baiting up and re-bating your hooks.
    4. Dough Baits Are Effective In Certain Situations - If you are looking for trout fishing basics you may know that Dough baits such as Berkley Power bait are effective baits for trout, but this is only true when used in lake fishing situations when fishing for stocked or planted trout. As long as the trout have been placed in the water, dough baits are effective bait for them. Still fishing with a bottom rig is the best method for fishing with dough baits for trout and Powerbait is the brand of choice for many successful trout fishermen.


    If you are new to trout fishing, commit these simple basics to memory sooner, rather than later, and you will experience much more success when attempting to catch these wonderful fish.

  • Sat 28th Mar 2020 - 6:34am

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